Flexographic Printing

What is Flexographic printing?

In the early years, flexography developed as a rubber stamp method of printing. Technological advances, such as laser-engraved anilox rolls and sophisticated plate making equipment, have more recently helped flexography grow into the most effective printing method for colorful retail packaging and other print products. In essence, it is a rotary in-line printing method that uses flexible resilient plates with raised images and fast-drying inks. In addition to creating full-color materials, most Flexographic presses accommodate laminating and die cutting processes to protect the product's final shape and size.

What are some examples of Flexographic printing?
Walking through the aisles of any grocery or office supply store, you'll find hundreds of products that are either packaged or made with Flexographic printing, including:
Business Forms & Self-Adhesive Labels
Small Folding Cartons, Cups & Lids
Lottery Tickets & Event Passes
Retail Pricing & Inventory Tags
Flexible Packaging for drinks & other food products

Is growth in the industry expected to continue into the future?

With recent innovations in the area of publication printing, flexography has further solidified its reputation as a sophisticated, high-quality printing process that can expand to countless applications.

What kind of demand is faced by the flexographic printing industry?
An ever-increasing demand for package printing has established flexography as the fastest growing printing process in the world. Ten years ago, the Flexographic printing industry accounted for more than £20 billion in annual gross receipts, with use of flexography growing at a rate of 8% annually. In 1995, the pressure sensitive label industry alone accounted for nearly £2.5 billion annually.

What can I expect from a career in Flexographic printing?

Due to rapid rates of growth and development in the industry, Flexographic printing offers excellent employment opportunities, competitive wages, and advancement potential. After successful completion of our training course, graduates can expect to earn beginning full-time wages of approximately £20,000 plus benefits.

Where can I find training in flexography?

Positioned as a leader in the industry, Webflex is renowned for high quality Flexographic Printing. With combined experience from time served technicians with over 50 years experience between them. If you are consdiering a career in Flexographic Printing then contact us and find out about this exciting industry.

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